Los Angeles And the Watts Towers

Los Angeles is a city in southern California United States, and it has an estimated population of about 3976322 people. It’s situated in the coastal basin surrounded by a mountainous range that stands up to 3000 m high. It is also the home for the one man’s creation which is the watts towers, and also for Hollywood which generates a major income for the United States. It has an area of nearly 470 square miles and it’s situated about three hundred and forty feet above the sea level.  It is also the place where the watts towers are situated.

So now let’s get to know few facts about the watts towers and its artist. Watts towers was built by a man named Simon Rodia.  He was a common man born in Italy. He wasn’t born to fortune or influence instead he had to fight for his living, mostly in mines and quarries. Simply put he was just an ordinary man living in poverty.

Watts Towers

Few details about watts towers in Los Angeles

It’s actually a wonder how the towers have managed to stay up after all these time as Simon did not have any theoretical engineering knowledge. He is one of the best examples that shows that one man can make a difference in the world. The great towers of watts in Los Angeles was made from scrap by this man’s hands.

How did Simon live, and how did he get the inspiration for such a great creation?

Simon lived in a small apartment which only had a table, a bed, and a chair. Other than that there was also a huge dream in his house. That is his dream that is to build something great. Simon had a greater respect for artists like Galileo and Picasso and wanted to be like them. For thirty years every day he worked to accomplish this dream, that is to build the watts towers. He only took breaks from it to work for his living.

  • How did he buy the raw materials?

He didn’t buy the raw materials actually. He collected broken tiles, cups, saucers and other ceramic stuff that was thrown away. Some parts of these junk is clearly visible even today when you go to see the watts towers in Los Angeles. With only steel girdles and wire meshes that he was able to find his neighborhood, day by day without any sophisticated machinery, he created the watts towers with his bare hands.

  • Tools he used to make the towers

He didn’t use many tools either, except for some hammers, buckets, shovels and his bare hands. When he had to bend the steel rods, he went for the nearest railway track and kept the rod under it, and bent the steel rod. When he wanted to put on the concrete to a higher place, he used his own tower and climbed up to it. It might have been surely a draining work out for him after a full day work in a coal mine, but he still managed to do it.

  • How did his fellow neighbors treat this creation?

When the watts towers first started to challenge the skies, some wondered about Simon, some blamed him while some appreciated his work. However many didn’t like to have his creations around, as a result Simon experienced constant vandalisms of his work by his neighbors, which finally caused him to leave and never return.

Watts Towers


So remember that Los Angeles is a coastal yet hilly area which is the home for Hollywood and also for the watts towers. Watts towers were built by Simon Rodia who was a common man that migrated to United States from Italy when he was 15. He built the towers with simple tools and his bare hands, using junk like broken tiles, cups and wire meshes, steel rods that he had found around his neighborhood.