Hungary Travel Guide and Travel Information

Hungary is a country that was ruled by a lot of foreigners. It has been ruled over by the Romans, ottomans, Mongols and Magyars and also the Soviets in the past. Details about different cultural buildings can be still sighted in Hungary that dates back to the Middle Ages.

Geography of the country

Hungary is a country without any oceans. It’s a sea less landlocked country, with a land area about 93000 square kilometers. It is about 250 KM long and 524 Km wide and it has a lot of shared borders with Austria, Serbia, and Croatia and Slovenia. The terrains of Hungary are mostly flat but sometime there are some ups and downs. A larger part of the Hungary is covered by an immense plain. Highest point in Hungary is about 1015 meters above the sea level, and the lowest point is 77m above the sea level. Hungary is divided to half by the long river of Danube that extends to 418 kilometers. Hungary is also the home for the Europe’s largest fresh water Lake Balaton.

Top three places to visit in Hungary

  • Spa town of Heviz

Spa town of Heviz

This is a famous spa town in Hungary. It’s the home to one of the largest thermal lakes in the world. The water temperature varies from 24 to 37 degrees centigrade. As the water flushes quickly it’s all the time kept clean naturally. So if you want a relaxing and refreshing bath this is the place to be in. There are also some fascinating resorts that you can spend your days in, after having a swim in the thermal lake.

  • Hortobagy national park.

Hortobagy national park.

This was established as Hungary’s first national park in 1973. It’s Hungary’s largest protected area and the largest semi natural grassland in Europe. There are evidences that depicts that a lot of wild horses and other animals lived here during the late ice age. It is the home for 342 bird species and therefore is a best place to go bird watching too. Other than the birds you will be able to see water buffalos, horses and oxen still grazing on the land. It is also the home for the nine arch bridges which were built in the latter part of the 19th century.

  • Budapest


This is considered to be one of Europe’s beautiful cities, and it is the capital of Hungary. Budapest is the home for the world’s largest thermal water cave system and the world’s third largest parliament building. It’s also where the spectacular fisherman’s bastion is located. So as a result this is one of the greatest cities to wonder around.

Moving around, places to stay and dishes to choose from

Hungary is well known for its well-developed public transportation network.  You can select the mode of transport from a bus, tram and if not by a hiring car. Transport services in Hungary are very much reliable and very cheap, but you should take care if you are riding on the public buses or trams because there are a lot of pickpockets waltzing freely around in these. The cheapest hotel to stay in Hungary ranges from 67$ onwards up to more than $500 ones. There are a lot of decent places to stay in during your vacation, if you have a budget over $100.

Most common specifications in the hotels include modern rooms, restaurants, and indoor pools. There are lots of tasty dishes that can be bought for decent prices in Hungary. One of the best dishes is Gulyas which is the national dish of Hungary, made from a meat stew, mixed with noodles and vegetables. It is also seasoned with a lot of spices for mouthwatering flavors. There are a lot of other dishes that you can choose from they are paprika, Jokai bean soups, lesco, and also hot hot Halaszle.